Lighting Control

Simplify your home or business with panelized lighting, replace your light switches with an elegant keypad, and control your lighting with one touch.

Whole House Audio

Your audio system can be installed and programmed for every room independently. With whole house audio you can; share multiple audio sources, interdependently control volume for each zone, and centralize all your equipment.

Climate Control

Add a smart thermostat, and we can program the temperature to fit your schedule.

Structured Wiring & Network Systems

MR Home Automation designs structured wiring and networks Wi-Fi systems giving you the best coverage for your home or business.

Home Cinema

Have your own home theater! We will design and create your own theater system full of sight and sound, it is like bringing the theater to you.

Multi-Facility Access and Control

MR Home Automation will give you access and control of not only your home but all surrounding buildings, lights, cameras, pools, and water systems. You will have control of any system on your property.


From anywhere in your home, or anywhere far away you can easily turn on or off your music, lights, heating and air conditioning, and alarm features from an intuitive wall mounted touch-screen panel, a home computer, tablet, or even your smart phone.

Drapes, Shades and Screens

MR Home Automation installs fully programmable screens, and shades that extend or retract by time of day, sun sensors, a remote, or touch screen.